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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I order?
    You can message us here, on Facebook, on Instagram, call or text us!
  • Do we deliver flowers?
    We sure do! Ask us! Please see the delivery policy page for additional info! We deliver to surrounding counties.
  • How long are flowers available?
    We plan to have flowers available April-October, as long as the weather allows. The first frost usually wipes our flowers out!
  • Is the farm open to customers?
    Unless you are attending a class or bouquet bar, unannounced customers are not allowed on the farm. This is our personal residence. You must contact one of us if you would like to attend the farm for any given reason, or if you would like to pick up your arrangement directly from the farm.
  • Are flowers only available on the farm or website?
    Nope! We sell flowers at a roadside shop on Beaver Rd. in Walton and at the Erlanger Farmer's Market in the Erlanger Baptist Church parking lot. We will also have our flowers at WOW in Louisville, KY and at Motley Home in Burlington, KY.
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